MobiSys’11. Day 2

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Keynote – Mobile Computing: the Next Decade and Beyond The keynote was given by Prof. Mahadev Satyanarayanan, “Satya”, (Carnegie Mellon University, MobiSys Outstanding Contributor Award). A quick look at the abstract of his talk, can be enough to see his merits. He thinks that research on mobile computing is socially demanded. New systems and apps… Read more »

SpotME: promoting location privacy, one lie at a time

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Last week at ICDS and today at Eurecom, I presented our work on location privacy. Here is the basic idea – By sharing their location on mobile social-networking services, mobile phone users benefit from a variety of  new services working on *aggregate* location data such as receiving  road traffic estimations and finding the best nightlife… Read more »

Mobisys’11. Day 1

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MobiSys started this morning with 3 sessions about mobile applications and services, energy-efficient management of displays and crowd-sourcing apps. Researchers affiliated to 26 different institutions were within the co-authors of the papers. The most successful ones are Duke University (4 papers), At&T (4 papers), Univ. Michigan (3 papers) and Univ. Southern California (3 papers). The… Read more »