MobiSys’11. Day 2

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Keynote – Mobile Computing: the Next Decade and Beyond The keynote was given by Prof. Mahadev Satyanarayanan, “Satya”, (Carnegie Mellon University, MobiSys Outstanding Contributor Award). A quick look at the abstract of his talk, can be enough to see his merits. He thinks that research on mobile computing is socially demanded. New systems and apps… Read more »

Mobisys’11. Day 1

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MobiSys started this morning with 3 sessions about mobile applications and services, energy-efficient management of displays and crowd-sourcing apps. Researchers affiliated to 26 different institutions were within the co-authors of the papers. The most successful ones are Duke University (4 papers), At&T (4 papers), Univ. Michigan (3 papers) and Univ. Southern California (3 papers). The… Read more »


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I just attended and presented a paper about ErdOS architecture in MobiArch’11, a workshop that this year was colocated with MobiSys. There were 7 presentations and they covered topics such as Multipath TCP, energy efficiency at different layers on a mobile handset and MANETs. The first session was completely focused on multipath TCP. Cristopher Pluntke… Read more »

IMDEA Workshop on Internet Science

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See here for titles/speakers and slides… So far Pablo’s talk had some v. interesting stuff about scaling the twitter service – clever work on solving hotspots andoverloads in memcache/mysql setup – reminded me of previous work on trying to get the IMDB system to scale – seems like these inverted databases are a pain in general,… Read more »

EuroSys 2011, day three

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Session 7: Better Clouds Kaleidoscope: Cloud Micro-Elasticity via VM State Coloring The problem is that load on internet services fluctuates wildly throughout the day, but the bursts are very short (median around 20 minutes) and cloud providers are becoming “less elastic” (bigger VMs up for longer), and cannot support such short bursts because VMs are… Read more »

EuroSys 2011, day two

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Session 4: Joules and Watts Energy Management in Mobile Devices with the Cinder Operating System A new mobile device OS, whose aim is to allow users to control their energy use, and allow applications to become more energy-efficient. First abstraction is throttling, which limits the draw that a particular application may have. However, the energy… Read more »