Liveblogging IMC 2013 – Day 3

Posted by aa535

Last day of IMC 2013 - starting with network scaling and their analysis at scale and will have some rather funky if not weird papers later today.


Liveblogging IMC 2013 – Day 2

Posted by aa535

As far as I'm concerned, starting technical sessions before 9AM should be made illegal, but hey, at least we have the best paper presented in the first session! Today we have sessions about mobile, weather (in the clouds), routing and phones.


Liveblogging IMC 2013 – Day 1

Posted by aa535

Beautiful and warm morning in Barcelona! I'm here today with a whole bunch of ex-SRG people: Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez, Ilias Leontiadis and Nishanth Sastry. I will do my best to liveblog as much of the event as I can.


Liveblogging the first Human Data Interaction workshop

Posted by Anil Madhavapeddy

I'm at the Open Data institute, with Richard Mortier, Jon Crowcroft, Amir Chaudhry and Hamed Haddadi , live-blogging a daylong workshop about our emerging Human-Data Interaction research initiative.  The room is packed with notable researchers from all over the UK, so this promises to be an exciting day!