IETF 80 highlights: Bufferbloat

Posted by Malcolm Scott

Continuing my series of articles about noteworthy happenings at last week's IETF meeting, here is a summary of Jim Gettys's presentation on "Bufferbloat" to the Transport Area open meeting, which is in turn a summary of his many articles on the topic. This is significant not because it is new, but because it is a very thorough treatment of an old problem which has gone ignored by much of the IETF community - and probably by others too.

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IETF 80 highlights: Multipath TCP

Posted by Malcolm Scott

I have spent the last week in Prague for the 80th IETF meeting, and will be writing a few articles on the most interesting of the sessions I attended.  Here's the first.

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NSDI 2011 Day 3 LiveBlog

Posted by Chris Smowton

Morning all once more. LiveBlogging traditional style today: check back here after each talk for our summary/remarks/ranting.