Live-blog from SOSP 2013 – Day 2

Posted by Ionel Gog

The second day of the 24th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles has just started.  Several of us are here and will be live-blogging the talks and Q&A sessions.


HotCloud 2012 — Day 2

Posted by Malte Schwarzkopf

With some delay owed to a laptop battery running out and a busy travel schedule following the event, here are my summaries for (part of) the second day of HotCloud in Boston.

Again, I had to duck out of parts of some of the sessions in order to do last-minute work on an imminent paper submission, but I at least covered two complete sessions.

Some of these summaries are going to turn up in USENIX's ;login: magazine (albeit in a more polished form); I am very grateful to USENIX for supporting my attendance at HotCloud with a generous travel grant.


HotCloud 2012 — Day 1

Posted by Malte Schwarzkopf

I am a visiting preacher at HotCloud today, delivering a sermon about the seven deadly sins of cloud computing research. Of course, syslog provides you with the usual live-blogging service, although some sessions may be missing, as I nip out to work on a soon-to-be-submitted paper!

Here goes the first day...


NSDI 2012 Day 3

Posted by Jon Crowcroft

10 New Architectures and Platformsjail break





Liveblog: EuroSys 2012 — Day 3

Posted by Malte Schwarzkopf

EuroSys 2012Various people from Cambridge are currently in Bern für EuroSys 2012, and will be reporting live from the conference here, as well as summarizing the trends and highlights afterwards.

The final day of the conference starts with a keynote from Steve Furber, followed by two more sessions. Click the link to read the details!