Ionel Gog receives Google Fellowship in Distributed Systems

Posted by Malte Schwarzkopf

Every year, Google award a number of PhD fellowship in Computer Science. These highly competitive awards support "some of the most outstanding graduate researchers in computer science across the globe" (Google). The SRG is fortunate to have Ionel Gog, a second-year PhD student, receiving the 2014 Google Europe Fellowship in Distributed Systems.

Ionel works on distributed data centre infrastructure for "big data" processing: his most recent project is the Circe workflow manager, which dynamically maps high-level declarative workflow descriptions to a range of different data processing systems -- such as Hadoop, Spark, GraphChi, PowerGraph or Naiad, -- choosing the best system automatically. Ionel also contributes to the R2D2 low-latency network interconnect, the Firmament cluster scheduler and the DIOS operating system as part of the SRG's CamSaS initiative for building a scalable systems software stack.

Congratulations, Ionel!