Liveblog from SIGCOMM13 – Day 2

Hello again from SIGCOMM 2013, Hong Kong, day 2. I'll be live blogging as much of the event as I can, weather permitting...


Liveblog from SIGCOMM13 – Day 1

Greetings from SIGCOMM 2013, Hong Kong. I'll be live blogging as much of the event as I can, battery life permitting.


HotCloud 2012 — Day 2

Posted by Malte Schwarzkopf

With some delay owed to a laptop battery running out and a busy travel schedule following the event, here are my summaries for (part of) the second day of HotCloud in Boston.

Again, I had to duck out of parts of some of the sessions in order to do last-minute work on an imminent paper submission, but I at least covered two complete sessions.

Some of these summaries are going to turn up in USENIX's ;login: magazine (albeit in a more polished form); I am very grateful to USENIX for supporting my attendance at HotCloud with a generous travel grant.


NSDI 2012 Day 3

Posted by Jon Crowcroft

10 New Architectures and Platformsjail break





NSDI 2012 Day 2

Posted by Jon Crowcroft

Thursday - Sessions 5 6 7 8
NSDI 2012

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