Eurosys 2013 – Doctoral Workshop

Posted by Ionel Gog

I am at the Doctoral Workshp at EuroSys in Prague today, ahead of the main conference. Below are some notes on the 5 minutes presentations in the workshop.  There are no notes on the first quarter of the workshop because I talked about my work as well.


EuroSys workshops: Systems for Future Multi-core Architectures

Posted by Malte Schwarzkopf

I am at the SFMA workshop at EuroSys in Prague today, ahead of the main conference. Below are some notes on the keynotes and papers in the workshop, including the keynote by our own Steve Hand!


Communications and Multimedia Security Workshop

Posted by Jon Crowcroft

Communications and Multimedia Security
University of Kent, Cantervury
Sponsor IFIP
Sep 3-4, 2012

Proceedings are LNCS - will give to CL library if people want to look up any
paper there

Basic conference is fairly good- lots of low level detailed work...mainly securty, but some systems stuff


Raspberry Jam – Bastille Day

Posted by Jon Crowcroft

The glorious quatorze juillet in the Computer lab, we had >250 people in attendance at the Raspberry Jam, and TeachMeet, to bring toegether raspberry owners, wannabes, hackers and observers, and then to discuss specifics (e.g. lesson plans) for using Rasberry Pis and related tech for teaching the Computing at School curriculum.


For me, highlights included

1. Demo of RiscOS on Pi

2. School governer showing how to democratize ICT/CS in the school by embedding it in everything (using free and/or opensource s/w only, and no geek/operator/ICT technicians at all)


3. A teaching who created over a dozen Digital Leaders to teach computing out of her own 12 year old pupils - these kids to stand up classes and tutorials for parents - just awesome.


4. two talks on literally hundreds of projects out there to carry out in D&T or other non-directly CS classes


5. How to teach healthcare through computers

6. Plenty of hints on first steps in programming

7. Finally Pi foundation folks showed up with 200 devices for people at the event. Also announced various new things (e.g. camera board should be ready Real Soon Now)...


A lot of fun, I thought. Judge for yourself from the video:

part 1
part 2


One of Leon's vid of the Zoo talk - excelent!


HotCloud 2012 — Day 2

Posted by Malte Schwarzkopf

With some delay owed to a laptop battery running out and a busy travel schedule following the event, here are my summaries for (part of) the second day of HotCloud in Boston.

Again, I had to duck out of parts of some of the sessions in order to do last-minute work on an imminent paper submission, but I at least covered two complete sessions.

Some of these summaries are going to turn up in USENIX's ;login: magazine (albeit in a more polished form); I am very grateful to USENIX for supporting my attendance at HotCloud with a generous travel grant.