The birth of a syslog

In order to disseminate our knowledge and to prevent ourselves from going crazy, we are setting up this wonderful bloggy venture. May it thrive well and get the world excited about Cambridge systems research!

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  1. Professor’s Log, stardate 17.3.2011, St Patrick’s Day,

    These are the voyages of the Star Systems Research Group, its 3.5 year mission, to build whole new systems, measure the hell out of them, and publish damn fine papers about the results, go to faraway places and meet fellow systems researchers and make friends, influence people and start new ventures.
    Beam me down, scotty….its a long long way from there to here.

  2. Professor’s log stardate 17.3.2011, st patricks planet
    These are the voyages of the SRG, its mission, to boldly build systems, measure them to death, and visit alien shores to present papers, get venture capital, and sell startups where no others have built before

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