A Data Center in every Car

There's some people who have pointed out that electric cars will be dotted about our landscapes soon at charging piints (outside work, home, shops). This represents a great way to sink electricity that is being generated nearby (e.g. from microgenerators on houses) which would otherwise be wasted in long haul transmission or simply thrown away (if there's no easy affordable/deployable way to reverse the stream and send a lot of power up the electricity distribution network). THen when local demand picks up again (opposite end of the day) you just pull the power from the cars - Typical figures for the uk suggest 30% of electricty generated could be stored at any time, whch is a big change from current (pun intended) architectures.


But why not go one more step and distribute data centers to every car? then we could serve the world from the stored power when local data/processing demands are high. One should build a high speed wireless link (e.g. new wireless HDMI link can do 5-10Gbps) into every charging point, and put a petabyte of storage and a few terahz of multicore in each new car. That'd work well - 20M cars in the UK would dwarf what current data centers have and would have zero heat dissipation problems...

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