ICDCS 2011

just before the workshop in france, i attended icdcs in the states. few papers follow:

Efficient and Private Access to Outsourced Data (pdf). Say that you outsource your private data to "the cloud". The authors of this paper proposed a new data strucutre with which you can efficiently access your outsourced data while guaranteeing content, access, and pattern confidentiality from any observer, including the cloud provider.

Dissecting Video Server Selection Strategies in the YouTube CDN (pdf). Ruben presented an extensive study of the YouTube CDN. The goal of this study was to identify the factors that impact how video requests are served by data centers. They found that "the YouTube infrastructure has been completely redesigned compared to the one previously analyzed in the literature. In the new design, most YouTube requests are directed to a preferred data center and the RTT between users and data centers plays a role in the video server selection process. More surprisingly, however, our analysis also indicates a significant number of instances (at least 10% in all our datasets) where videos are served from non-preferred data centers."

An Energy-efficient Markov Chain-based Randomized Duty Cycling Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks. Giacomo presented a new duty cycling scheme for sensor nodes that is energy-efficient and is based on Markov chains. In the past, Giacomo has done some interesting work in the area of "Internet of Things" at Sun Labs: he built a Web-based application that analyses and visualise large, heterogeneous, and live data streams from a variety of devices (pdf).

Efficient Online WiFi Delivery of Layered-Coding Media using Inter-layer Network Coding (pdf). Dimitrios studied the problem of how to deal with the problem of client diversity when video is multicasted to multiple clients over a wireless LAN. He showed that the traditional triangular scheme for inter-layer network coding performs poorly. He thus proposed a new online video delivery scheme that can be deployed behind the wireless AP.

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