Photonics UK and Cyber Defense UK

Last couple of days I was in these two events


1.EPSRC Network of Networking 2 day workshop on Photoonics - see


Very interesting to see how coherent the UK's academic and industry photonics community are - they have a pretty clear roadmap for next 5 years and then some nice challenges - not a lot for CS (still) until they can do somethign cool in a) integration of optical links onto processors and b) build some more viable (in scale/integration/power terms) gates....but in terms of what they are doing for price/performance, they pretty much match Moore's law (terminating a 10GigE for 10 bucks is an amazing achievement!)


2. Rustat conference on UK Cybersecurity


This will almost certainly be blogged by Ross or someone else in the security group as they were there en masse. I chaired a session on UK skills and a couple of good outcomes were support from research counciles for more PhDs (whether this leads to money will remain to be seen) and


and the idea that CS graduates that end up on the Board as CIOs should make sure they have good business skills so they aren't looked down on by other board members as just a sort of uber "IT guy"...


Lots of very interesting corridor conversations. The UK gov budget in this space is 600M quid, so many SMEs scampering after it:) In general, we seem to be in ok shape (government policy doc on cybersecurity out soon, recent Chatam House report (can't find link right now) appareently less rosy, but still very useful. Expect to see more details here soon:


We're having a NATO work shop on this in 10 days at Wolfson in Cambridge...Rex Hughes there is coordinating it with the Cambridge Science and Policy group.

Finally, I suggested a Homeopathic remedy for cyberattacks might be to dilute the stuxnet virus say 10^11 times in some random bits (e.g windows vista kernel code) and add it to your site.


Oh yeah and can someone tell me just what does the ICTKTN do?? :)

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