Precautionary, Cautionary, and Post-Cautionary @ CSAP event….

Am sitting at CSAP event on RIsk and Uncertainty in London - three very interesting talks about medical precautionary principles and when not to use them in vaccination programmes, about EU politics and failure to agree, and about risk and planning and trhe Japanese earthquake zone...very chilling stuff...

0. surprising no-one used the Cheney "known unknowns v. unknown unknowns" when discussing difference between risk and uncertainty:)

1. great comment from the audience that "good science == good democracy" - of course, hubs in social nets have unfair advantages both in politics and in science (think reputation:)

2. science understanding needs to permeate society - essentially CSAP's job isn't done when we re-educate all of government in STEM subjects - we need to re-educate journalists and judiciary too - the journalism case is nice coz data journalists are a start already...

BTW, where's the blogs for ASPLOS, and its workshops? didn't anyone there take notes????

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