E-Energy 2012

I´m at this 3rd e-energy conference in Madrid

Won´t see all the sessions, but some standout papers in session 2 including DTNs for dealing with intermittent energy (from UMass) and a solid comparison of VOIP v. PSTN energy efficiency (VOIP sucks, but you can do lots of smart enerfgy proportional work and duty cyling and eventualyl get it slightly better than an old PBX:)

plus a very nice paper from Wisconsin (Paul Barford´s group) on modeling power grid from 5 min spot price market for whole area ' LMP landscapes over time ' v. good stuff...

Standout session for me was Session 5 where more Waterloo work on why peak load pricing in canada is still too cheap to make energy storage worthwhile (paper 1 in this session= and teletraffic models of power (paper 4 in session 5)

Lots of other solid work on protocols (TCP over energy/rate proportional links, IP over lambda switches with duty cycling etc= and on optimisation...couple of ok game theory papers...mainstream stuff


Talked to lots of folks here from Waterloo (see ISS4e lab there!):

Also, there was a chat from EU folks aboiut funding in this area, which is plentiful in next calls in summer (50MEu)


My keynote went down ok - some good questions about managing user demand for CDN content...

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